Action for Refugees

Are you concerned about the plight of refugees in the current crisis, particularly in the Middle East?

After six years of civil war the situation remains dire for Syrian people.  Nearly
5 million have fled the country and many more are trapped in the war zone. 
2.7 million Syrians are housed in camps
in Turkey. They live in poverty with no education and little food.

These people, along with others across Europe desperately need our help. Every week a group of women from Shipham volunteer at RAFT (a warehouse in Taunton) where we sort your donations and send to Syria every week.

Please can you help with donations of:

  • Good quality seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Over the counter medicines
  • Dried or tinned vegetarian food
  • Nutritious snack bars/muesli bars
  • Basic toiletries and sanitary wear

You can bring them round to Wendy at
22 Beech Road or ring or email her and she can pick up.

Contact Wendy Cox - 01934 844166
or on mobile 07584 577052


Other ways in which you can help:
Support the Save the Children Lunches every other Friday, or donate the lunch money to Save the Children Refugee
Crisis Fund.
RAFT in Taunton always welcomes volunteers to sort and pack donations. 
Contact Wendy for more information.

Beautiful Hand-Knitted
Children's Jumpers

available by e-mail

Proceeds in support of RAFT

Click on attachment below for full details

Shipham Knit for Peace group is part of a national network of knitters who knit and crochet garments and other items to be distributed by the charity Knit for Peace.
The charity has over 80 different outlets for
the knitted goods both in the UK
and abroad.
At the time of writing this includes refugees fleeing the atrocities of civil war in

The group will always appreciate donations
of wool, and if you would like to be involved please contact Lisa Layton on 01934 843805.

David Williams,
20 Nov 2020, 06:57