Action for Refugees

Are you concerned about the plight of refugees in the current crisis, particularly in the Middle East?

Civil war in Syria rages on and millions of people have fled from their homes and are trapped in refugee camps. These camps are overcrowded and
the people live in poverty with no education and little food and little
hope of a better future. The current pandemic has made the situation even worse and there is little or no medical help for these people.

They need our help, along with many others across Europe.

You can help with donations to the charity Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT).  Please see the next column to read what you can send. >>>>>>>>>>>

A group of us from Shipham have been volunteers for this charity, collecting, sorting and packing donations at the warehouse in Taunton. Unfortunately, the Covid situation has prevented us doing this but we hope to be returning at the end of June.  I am still able to take donations down.

If you wish to become involved, or have donations you would like me to take, please contact me, Sue Masters, on 01934 842018.

Syria:  Items are shipped into Syria via Turkey. The Turkish Government had banned the import of second hand clothes and medication so we are no longer able to send these items. We can currently accept for Syria: New labelled clothes and shoes, hand knitted items, medical equipment e.g. crutches, wheelchairs, (these can be used), bandages, incontinence products etc.

Greece:  To be confirmed.

Northern France:  We are continuing to collect items for Northern France including Small and Medium Men’s new and preloved clothes, shoes, trainers, toiletries, rucksacks tents and sleeping bags.
Also they need tea, coffee, biscuits and sugar and long life milk.

Always required: double knitting wool for our army of knitters. 

Shipham Knit for Peace group is part of a national network of knitters who knit and crochet garments and other items to be distributed by the charity Knit for Peace.
The charity has over 80 different outlets for
the knitted goods both in the UK
and abroad.
At the time of writing this includes refugees fleeing the atrocities of civil war in

The group will always appreciate donations
of wool, and if you would like to be involved please contact Lisa Layton on 01934 843805.