Zambia Link

Zambia Link Group

The link with the parish of Lugwalo in Zambia was established in 2008.  Lugwalo Anglican parish consists of 11 villages located in a remote part of Zambia with a single parish priest, Father Chris Mbao.  John Prince and the Revd John Angle visited the villages in August 2009 and Martin Cavender from Axbridge visited nearby Mapanza in April 2010 to run a “Rooted in Jesus" course.

The link group incorporates members from our Benefice to represent your views and maintain a meaningful relationship with our friends there, although due to the remoteness of Lugwalo, developing a reliable communication link is difficult. 

Our link is not about imposing our standards, cultures, beliefs and our expectations on a group of people less fortunate than ourselves. It is primarily about supporting one another in prayer and love. 

We would also like to find ways of enabling them to improve their lives around the Millennium goals of education, sanitation, healthcare and water.  We would particularly like to encourage literacy among the women so they have more opportunities in life.

Lugwalo Zambia Fund

A fund has been established and money given has been put in a sub-account within the Benefice accounts.  If you would like to contribute to our Zambia Link, then you can make a gift through the PCC (using Gift Aid if applicable) or give at the United Benefice services held on the 5th Sundays of the month.  All cash collections from these services will go into the Zambia Fund. 

13 bicycles have now been purchased with the £750 which we sent via the Diocese of Bath and Wells to the parish last October.  They will be used by some of the church leaders to take the Word of God to people who live in remote areas.