Parish Noticeboard for Local Issues

Aggregate Industries UK are finalising a planning application
for a northern extension to Callow Rock Quarry in Shipham Gorge, between Cheddar and Shipham, to extend the life
of its regionally important operation.

If you missed the recent exhibition at the quarry, you can
see full details of the plans at the company website


Nationally there is a massive increase in scams over the internet and phone.  If you are ever concerned about receiving these calls or e-mails, do not hesitate in contacting the Police and avoid giving out any personal or financial data.  Here a couple of scams currently being used:

Bogus calls from BT advising of an underpayment and threatening to cut off your phone.  Please do not be fooled - they will ask for your card details for immediate payment to stop your phone being cut off!  This is a scam.  Please do not give your card details to anyone over the phone unless you have initiated the telephone call yourself.

If you receive a call or voicemail stating that you are being investigated by the Inland Revenue, DO NOT call the number back - this is a premium rate number and will cost a great deal of money.  This is a scam.  The Inland Revenue never phone people, they will always write a letter.