Recycling and Refuse

Shipham First School now has its own Recycling Centre in the school car park, for the following items only:
    1.  Pens, including felt-tips and Tippex or similar products.
    2.  Toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes.
    3.  Printer ink cartridges.

Please note - the large hoppers are for school use only

Somerset Waste Partnership operates a weekly kerbside collection service for Shipham, Rowberrow and Star.
Collection days Tuesday and Wednesday, but a day later after Bank Holidays.  See schedule below.
Recycling           GREEN BOX - Paper, glass bottles, aluminium foil, clothes, shoes, car batteries.
Wednesday        BLACK BOX - Food and drinks cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, brown envelopes.
every week        BROWN BIN - Food waste.
Fortnightly Wednesday   BLACK BIN - Refuse (anything non-recyclable).
(see below)   Tuesday        GREEN BIN - Garden green waste (for which an annual charge is made - see below to join the scheme).
Low energy lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps are hazardous waste, so please do not put these in your black bin.  Instead, dispose of them at the hazardous waste section of your nearest recycling centre.

For more details of what can and cannot be recycled in the weekly collection, see the Recycling Options attachment below.

Items not covered by weekly collections can be disposed of at a recycling centre - see Recycling Centres for full details.


Tuesday          Wednesday

29 June            7 July
13 July           21 July
27 July             4 August
10 August       18 August
24 August         2 Sept *
  7 Sept          15 Sept
21 Sept          29 Sept

Green bin dates in red are 
cancelled due to staff shortages.
Subscription period will be extended to compensate.

* Thursday in Bank Holiday week




Please place ONLY plastic bottles in your collection bin.  Most other plastic can be recycled locally in Winscombe or Cheddar. Remember putting the wrong types of plastic in your collection bin could lead to the whole collection being landfilled!


Please do not overfill your collection bins. Ask the council for a second collection bin 
if you really need one.


Stack your food bin on top of the collection bins to stop your recycling from blowing away.



Most major supermarkets will take certain types of plastic film.  See the Plastic Film attachment below.

Try to find plastic-free alternatives for cleaning and disposable products.
See Plastic-Free Ideas attachment below.

Dog walkers please make sure you take plastic dog poo bags home and dispose of them. Please do not leave them on paths and in hedges.
See Dog Fouling attachment below. 
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