Recycling and Refuse

Somerset Waste Partnership operates a weekly collection service for Shipham, Rowberrow and Star.
Collection day usually Wednesday, but see below for Bank Holiday exceptions.
Every week:  Green box - Paper, glass bottles, aluminium foil, clothes, shoes, car batteries.
                     Black box - Food and drinks cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, brown envelopes.
                     Brown bin - Food waste.
Alternate weeks:  Black bin - Refuse (anything non-recyclable).
(see below)           Green bin - Garden green waste (for which an annual charge is made - see below).
Low energy lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps are hazardous waste, so please do not put these in your refuse bin.  Instead, dispose of them at the hazardous waste section of your nearest recycling centre.
Other items not covered by weekly collections can also be disposed of at a recycling centre - see Recycling Centre

  7 February  Black bin
14 February  Green bin
21 February  Black bin
28 February  Green bin
  7 March  Black bin
14 March  Green bin
21 March  Black bin
28 March  Green bin