Recycling Centres

Where can I recycle stuff, or safely dispose of unwanted items? 
For people in Shipham Parish, the nearest centre is Cheddar, and its times are as shown here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

For large bulky items like mattresses, phone beforehand 
to notify them:  Tel 01934 744916

Charges are made for the disposal of gas bottles, soil and hardcore, asbestos/plasterboard and car tyres, but these items will NOT be accepted until further notice.  
Most other items are now accepted.

For full details of what can or cannot be taken to the recycling centres, click on this link  

For full details of local recycling facilities, and a table showing what can be recycled where, click on the Excel attachment Local Recycling below, or click on this link - 

From 1st April to 30th September

  Monday    9am - 6pm
  Tuesday    9am - 6pm
   9am - 6pm
  Thursday      CLOSED
  Saturday    9am - 4pm
  Sunday    9am - 4pm
 Trailers and large vehicles only allowed
on weekdays, between 4pm and 5pm.

Please wear a face mask and gloves

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