Parish Noticeboard for Local Issues

Reduction of Fire Cover

DSFRS (Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescure Service) is reducing fire fighting capabilities at Cheddar Fire Station, which in turn leaves our communities at risk. DSFRS are reducing the fire appliance (truck) size at Cheddar, thus leaving us with less equipment, less water and less capability. As a station we have been fighting this for the last 12 months providing a huge amount of data supporting our case (which we are happy to share with you) and the immediate increase in risk to our communities if this change was to happen. Please let me be frank, this cut could result with loss of life within our communities and our data and past experiences and knowledge shows us this.

DSFRS wish to carry this switch over in the early new year so we need to act fast and get this information into the public domain so the tax payers, business rate payers, public leaders and communities are aware of what is happening to one of there emergency services.

Please read the proposed draft plan and tell us what you think about the plan using the survey. The survey will be open until 14 January 2022.

Draft Community Risk Management Plan

Community Risk Management Plan consultation survey

Churchill and Langford Minibus


(Reg. Charity 1975)

The Churchill and Langford Minibus Society operates two minibuses providing Community transport for all the residents (of any age) living in the Shipham Parish who join the Society. Membership is free and members give a donation towards the cost of the journeys. The Parish Council supports the Society and the benefits it brings to those who use the minibuses.

During the week the minibus provides scheduled trips to shops, banks, opticians, cafes etc. in Wells, Weston, Nailsea, Clevedon and other towns in North Somerset. On a less, frequent basis scheduled trips also go Street, Bristol and Bath.

In addition, the members of the Society benefit from a whole range of unscheduled trips to the coast, pub lunches, cinema, theatre, Churchill Music and lots more. Prior to the Pandemic the Society ran annually over 50 unscheduled trips during the year.

The Society is also there to help other Clubs, Societies and Charities in the local community with their transport needs, such as the Brownies and Churchill Music.

Both minibuses are in great demand and the Society urgently needs to find more volunteer drivers and organisers in order that we can meet all the transport requests. If you are able to provide some time each month or every other month then please contact the Chairman Trevor Smallwood on 01934 852589 to discuss either becoming a driver (we provide training for free) an organiser or how as a member you can use the minibus for an unscheduled trip or we can help provide transport for your organisation, society or charity.

The Scheduled Trips for the current month and the organisers to contact for each trip can be found via the link below please page to the bottom of the web page for the current month's scheduled trip details