Shipham Community Car Scheme

Shipham Community Car Scheme

Available to all residents of Shipham, Rowberrow and Star, the Shipham Community Car Scheme uses volunteer drivers to provide lifts for people who are otherwise unable to make essential journeys:

  • Visit to local GP, Dentist or Optician

  • Hospital appointment/admission/discharge

  • Shopping, bank, pensions, collecting prescriptions, hairdresser

  • Visiting relatives, or friends who are sick

  • Attending village clubs, societies or functions

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

The scheme will normally be available on weekdays between 9.00am (earliest pick-up time) and 5.00pm (latest return home). Medical appointments outside these times will be accommodated.

How Does it Work?

  1. Phone the Coordinator - name and number below.

  2. If possible, phone between 8-9am or between 5-6pm.

  3. Bookings cannot be accepted by drivers.

  4. Give as much notice as possible, normally at least 2 days, but 3 days for Monday appointments.

  5. If the answer-phone is connected, leave your name and number.

  6. Tell the Coordinator if you Blue Parking Badge.

  7. The Coordinator will let you know whether a driver is available and what the charge will be.

  8. A volunteer driver will pick you up from your home at the time agreed, take you to your appointment and bring you back home.

Coordinator Sue Hucker tel 844176

Chairman Don Hurrell tel 842717

Secretary Sue Masters tel 842018

Treasurer Jon Brady tel 844113

How Much Does it Cost?

Flat rate fares (return)

Journeys within the village 50p

Axbridge, Cheddar, Langford, Winscombe £3

Banwell Surgery, Wrington £4

Congresbury £5

Locking, Yatton, Wedmore £6

Worle, Bristol Airport £7

Weston Hospital, Weston, Backwell £8

Clevedon Hospital £10

Burnham Hospital £11

Ashton Gate £12

Bristol Hospitals, Clifton Eye Clinic £14

Shepton Hospital £15

Bridgwater Hospital £16

Southmead Hospital £17

Emerson Green NHS Centre £21

Taunton, Musgrove Hospital £28

For other destinations, a charge of 45p per mile will be made. Fares should be given to the driver at the start of the journey. Car parking charges may be claimed from passengers.

The above fares are Per Person. Other than for medical appointments, if more than one passenger is carried, the driver will return the excess fare to the scheme to help with expenses.

Calling All Drivers

If you have some spare time and are interested in becoming a volunteer driver, please contact Sue Hucker on the number above.